Reasons why I am passionate about my duffle bag and why you should have one too!!!

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Reasons why I am passionate about my duffle bag and why you should have one too!!!

Duffle bags are one of the most excellent multi utility bags as it can easily be used up as a Gym bag to travel to a sports bag. The incredible basis, I am head over heels for these duffle bags is the easiness with which it can be carried wherever keeping in mind its elongated shape which also acts as a storage powerhouse. It has  a long zipper that allows the bag to open all the way up, it becomes easy to pack and locate things inside while its shape allows it to be roomy without being too weighty like other accessorized bags.

One more valid reason for my crazy love for these duffle bags is in spite of being unisex; the bags are fashionable and trendy. It looks cool to carry it in my college, fun trips and is so many places and is also convenient while travelling. Now, the Krimcode, has taken duffle bag styling to a whole new level, accessorizing with diverse forms of printing, patch print work logo creating an attractive but a unique smart bag.

They have a marvellous range that suits everyone likes, but I fell for their varied range of Sports attire duffle bags made in canvases which include best seller in duffle bag .This ready-to-go classic duffel bag provides enough space to hold sports gear and can be carried in multiple ways. The bag’s design allows sporting outfits to be divided, including a shoe compartment to separate shoes from clothes, and a ventilation system to keep equipment clean and fresh. The stuff just always looks smart. They are low on maintenance. I use it as my primary travel bag also. These bags are quite spacious while still being within the specified hand luggage guidelines of airlines. Plus, the fact that there are two small, outside zipped pockets which are perfect for accommodating passport, phone and keys.

From a design perspective, use of antique metallic zippers and other heavy duty metallic hardware like rivets, base studs; enhances the bag aesthetically and also adds strength to the bag. The bag is lined with a durable lining with a zip pocket for securing your mobile etc and also waterproofing the bag. If a Sports attire duffle bag does not attract you; then one can also explore. This flexibility and ease of use of duffle bag options in various shapes, using different material and prints makes it a main reason to like and use them in day to day life.

If you are a fitness fan, then you can opt for waterproof duffle, if a frequent traveller then Krimcode Business Attire Duffel Bag is a better option for you. You can match your personal style to one of three distinct colours. Designed with organization in mind, this duffel bag offers separate, easily accessible pockets for a laptop and tablet. You can unlock the full potential of your business and weekend trips with this elegant bag choice.

I am sure you be of the same opinion with most of the facts mentioned above about duffle bags which makes it pretty obvious of duffle’s being the favourite travel accessory in my wardrobe.

Last but not least and most importantly the quality assurance I get from my most trusted brand- Krimcode. Every Krimcode bag is made with carefully sourced materials, excellent craftsmanship and consideration for the most intricate of details. Krimcode guarantees the highest quality of standards with a lifetime warranty for each bag. So, give it a try and let us know what you liked most about their unique collection of duffle bags.

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