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Here we answer the most frequent questions!

General information

The Best backpack for travel supplies its products from all around the world. The country of origin is clearly marked on each product label.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Instructions will be given to you according to the brand and product you have    purchased.
For Krimcode’s products, please refer to the product instructions to (krimcode website link) for further details.

Basic cleaning process for Krimcode bags:
Clean outside the fabric with a damp cloth and let dry away from direct sunlight.
Important! Do Not Bleach or Soak in Water

As per the brand chosen by you, you will have to sign a warranty form along with the product you have purchased.

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Yes you can,  by using our one page checkout which allows you to purchase items without registering for an account.

  • Save multiple shipping addresses for a faster checkout
  • You can get updates about the special discounts on Bags
  • Save items in the shopping cart to review later
  • View previous orders
  • Save payment information for future purchases
  • Edit items in the shopping cart
  • Receive recommended product suggestions

Thebestbackpackfortravel’s is pleased to offer free worldwide shipping when customers buy from

Returning of product are also free however we are having a limit for those Who try to return a product twice or thrice the same product.

After placing an order at you will receive a confirmation email. If you are a registered member all orders will appear in Account. in orders.

Shipping times will vary depending on region. For more information please click here.


Key Lock and Spare Parts

1. Remove the red packaging arrow on the lock (if applicable).

2. The default setting for the lock is 0-0-0. Choose a unique 3-digit code which you can easily remember.

3. Locate the button or lever adjacent to the dials.

4. If there is a button, push it towards the dial and hold while you rotate the numbers to your desired setting. Once the unique, 3-digit code has been chosen, release the button.

5. If there is a lever, move it to its lowest position (some move to the right and up), and rotate the numbers to your desired setting. Once the unique, 3-digit code has been chosen, return the lever to its original position. Your combination is now set to your 3-digit code.